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PO Box 1011
Wyandanch, NY 11798
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Services Include:

Parking Lot Sweeping
Snow & Ice Control
Seal Coating
Line Striping
Pot Hole Repairs
Crack Filling
Power Washing

Regular Sweeping can help:

Reduce the chance of slip and fall incidents.

Reduce damage to the asphalt surface caused by excess loose gravel which can lead to expensive repairs.

The addition of more value-added services for our customers will help us meet our goal to grow our business and maintain the standard of excellence that we take pride in today.

A well maintained property is the first step in good marketing. It provides your customer with a positive impression of your business.

As part of the regular sweeping services we provide the following:

Sidewalks - Our crews use state-of–the-art  back-pack blowers to clean sidewalks free of debris.

Trash cans - We empty and replace the bag in your trash cans every time we sweep. This helps to eliminate overflow, odors and insects.

Curbs & Corners - The curbs & corners are hand-blown.